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Automatic Test Equipment MKII (Radar Warning Reciever Test)

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) MKII is a customized tester, built to carry out LRU and card level testing. The purpose of ATE is to provide a user-friendly environment to test the LRU's and sub-systems (individually) for their functionality, perform specific tests of each LRU / sub-system and Card Level Testing. The card level testing facilitates troubleshooting down to a faulty signal flow path. The UUT tests are carried out by injection of the stimuli generated by the computer or the programmable test equipments and the responses from UUT / test equipments are feedback to the computer for evaluation and generation of reports.


  • RF Signal Generation 2 to 18GHz (CW & Pulse)
  • RF Signal Measurement 100Mhz to 18GHz
  • MIL1553B Interface & ARINC 429 Interface
  • RS422, RS232, GPIB and USB Interface
  • Configurable Discrete Inputs/Outputs
  • Analog Inputs/Outputs
  • Differential Inputs/Outputs
  • Video Signals and Blanking Signals
  • Luminance Measurement
  • Intel 386Ex & Intel 486 DX2/DX4 Emulators
  • Current Measurement & Calibration
  • Self Test


Power Supply Unit:230V 50 Hz, 3 Phase 115VAC 400Hz
Operating Temperature:0° to 55°
Storage Temperature:-25° to +85°
Relative Humidity:90%(Non Condensing)
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