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Transmission of Critical Happenings - “CATCH”


  • CATCH is a simple and reliable system and it improves loco availability/utilization
  • Helps to monitor loco health so as to manage maintenance and related operations
  • Critical data over web on real time anywhere
  • Trouble shooting personnel can proactively address many faults by scanning information and can interrogate with loco, sending suitable instruction to loco pilot enroute
  • Train location via GPS and diagnose problems much quicker and prevent root failures
  • Improve asset utilization significantly
  • Real time SMS can be sent to the concerned people if the alarm/annunciation is not attended by the loco pilot
  • The system will have its chargeable batteries and will transmit the data at the intended time even when the loco is switched off
  • The integration of the system on the existing EM 2000 will be a seamless integration and simple one, and does not require much time and cost
  • The proposed system will be provided with safety and protection features, so that its operation will not affect the Loco performance in any way
  • This is modular and can acquire all the Four RS 232 ports and transmit the data. This also provided with additional USB ports so that even for other than WDP4 engine, this system can be used
  • LCD proactive response will be sent to loco pilot and critical error can be addressed
  • Isolated (protected) Keypad Simulation

FM Token Menu Elevator Controller System