Ground Support Systems


Electronic Warfare MMI/HMI Simulators (EW IFU)

The EW IFU (Electronic Warfare Interface Unit) interfaces between Cockpit electronics viz., RWR Display Unit (DU), New control Box (NCB), CMDS Control/Display units and Simulator Host Computer (HOST). The EW IFU transmits the status of the cockpit control units to the host, receives display data from the host and transfers the same to RWR DU, NCB and CMDS CCU/CDU. The display data for the RWR DU received from the host would comprise of the complete symbol data in respect of emitters that are to be displayed based on the data from the Instructor Station (IS) and control input from the cockpit. The display unit receives and presents the data as symbology on the display screen. The EW IFU based on the PC-AT.

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