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Radar Threat / Target Simulation Equipment(PTG)

PTG is used to field/LAB evaluation / testing of RADAR. PC is used to control the profile of the target generation. PTG will work in both stand alone and remote mode. The PTG has keypad and LCD for stand-alone operation. The PC can interface the PTG through the USB link. The operator can communicate through the GUI to the PTG. MIL1553B Communication used for Interfacing with RADAR.


  • Micro Processor Based Design & USB Interface for PC Mode Operation
  • MIL1553B Interface for RADAR
  • LCD and Keypad for stand alone mode
  • Capability of generate/simulate up to 5 targets
  • System has 4 type of target simulation modes

Parameters Specification

  • Range: 300m - 120km
  • Range target update: 100ms to 10sec in steps of 100ms
  • Range update step size: 53.33ns to 853.33ns (8m to 128m)
  • Number of times to generate the pattern: 1-256 maximum
  • Range resolution: 53.33ns (8m)
  • Azimuth:-60° to +60°, Elevation:-9° to +9°
  • Azimuth steps:  1° (Non-gated), 3.5° (Gated); Elevation steps: 3°
  • Radar transition period for change of elevation angle: 300ms (+9° to 0° transition and -9° to 0°transition) Rest of the elevation angles change is 100ms
  • Target update for elevation and azimuth angles: 1Sec to 10Sec 


Size:300mm (W) X 230mm (D) X 120mm (H)
Power Supply Input: 230 VAC-50 Hz
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature: -25°C to +85°C
Relative Humidity : 90% (Non-condensing)
Size: 300mm (L) X 220mm (W) X 97mm (H)

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