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Processor Based Boards Debugging Tool (PowerBus)

The PowerBus is used to service printed circuit boards, instruments and systems, which has Micro controller / Microprocessor. The PowerBus has RS232 Communication for PC interface. The PowerBus connects to the UUT through the microprocessor / micro controller socket. The UUT's microprocessor / micro controller is removed from the UUT and it is replaced by the PowerBus. The Power Bus adapts microprocessor specific function as pin layouts, status / control function, interrupt handling, timing and memory and I / O address ability. The PowerBus adapts the general-purpose architecture to specific architecture of 8051 and 80x86 microprocessor families.


Size:3.5 cm H abd 6.9 cm L
Power Supply Input:230V AC 50Hz
Operating Temperature:0°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature:-25°C to 85°C
Relative Humidity:90%(Non Condensing)
Size: 3.5 cm H x 6.9 cm L

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