Data Acquisition / Generator boards


CPCI / PXI Digitally Programmable Frequency Synthesizer (DPFS)


  • Configurable Frequency Ranges from 100Hz to 1MHz
  • Resolution insteps of 0.03Hz
  • Duty Cycle 50%
  • Amplitude of the Digital Frequency out : Low 0.4V max, High 4.8V min
  • Rise/Fall Time (for a 15pF Load) is typically 5 ns
  • Amplitude of the Analog waveform out : Low 0.4V max, High 4.8V min
  • Sinusoidal or Square Wave Output (Configurable)
  • Differential / Single Ended Output (Configurable)
  • Frequency on each of the 8 Channels are individually Programmable
  • Hot Swap Facility for live insertion and removal of the board
  • Facia plate with Micro Switch Assembly, provided for proper insertion / easy removal of the Board
  • BNC Connector Interface for Signal Output at the front panel
  • Each Output Channel is driven by a Cable Driver to drive 8m of Coaxial Cable
  • Driver interface for Windows2000/XP/VISTA and LINUX OS

Environmental Condition

Operating Temperature:0°C to 55°C
Storage Temperature:-20°C to +65°C
Humidity:90% (non-condensing)


  • ATE
  • Data Acquisition System
  • Simulation
  • Process Control Industries
  • Industrial Automation
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