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Data Acquisition / Generator boards


PMC AO Board


  • Bus Interface:- 32 Bit PCI Bus with PMC Interface
  • Speed of operation up to 66MHz
  • Spartan-3AN FPGA based design
  • 32 channel single ended analog Output
  • Unipolar or bipolar voltage output
  • Programmable output voltage: 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-10.8V, ±5V, ±10V, ±10.8V and is capable of driving up to +/-20mA
  • 16 bit Resolution
  • Conversion time 10usec typ
  • Over current protection
  • Driver interface for Windows2000/XP/VISTA and LINUX OS
  • Self Test future


  • Automatic Test Equipment
  • Data Acquisition System
  • Process Control Industries
  • Industrial Automation


Operating Temperature:0°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature:-40°C to +85°C
Relative Humidity:95%(Non Condensing)

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