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CPCI Rear IO Discrete Signal Conditioning Board

CPCI Rear IO Discrete Signal Conditioning Board is a signal conditioning and interface board for CPCI based Advance Compute & IO Module (MS3639i). This board primarily focusing on signal conditioning of TTL/CMOS DIO levels to required type of discrete input and output interface. Digital IO from ACIO board to discrete IO at Rear IO interface. Board takes 144 DIO from ACIO and does Open/Ground, 28V/Open, 28V/Ground configuration. In addition it shall generate additional 32 discrete input / output signals with signal conditioning and all IO interfaces are brought to two 96 Pin Euro Connector.


    Rear IO Interface
      • 96 Discrete Output Interface (Open / Ground Configuration)
      • 96 Discrete IO Internal Feedback (Read back)
      • 24 Discrete Output Interface (28 / Open Configuration)
      • 24 Discrete IO Internal Feedback (Read back)
      • 32 Discrete Input (Open / Ground Configuration)
      • 2 Ground Interface per connector
      • 32 Discrete Outputs are generated on Rear IO card through Bus Interface

Environmental Specifications

      • Operating Temperature: -20 to +65 deg C
      • Storage Temperature: -40 to +85 deg C
      • Humidity: 95% Relative (Non-condensing) @ 40 deg C


    Rs. 2, 83, 500/- Plus applicable Taxes
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